Ghost in the machine

The impermanent but ubiquitous tourist

Inspired by a photo created by my friend, Randy Wachtin, I started to think about the number of tourist that pass through my little world at the heart of downtown Victoria. How many and how ephemeral those tourist are. How they seem to be interchangeable. How they appear and then disappear. How the Parliament Building and the inner harbour remain fixed, but the visitors to those locations are only a momentary presence.

I took a few hours the other day to capture the permanence of the place and the impermanence of the tourist. These images, captured as either long exposures or multiple exposures, attempt to convey the way I see and experience Victoria during the Summer tourist season.

NB: Long exposures captured with the Fujifilm GFX fronted with a Mamiya 35mm f/3.5 lens and Fotodiox adapter. Multiple exposures captured, in camera, with an X-Pro2 and XF23 f/2 lens.

4 responses to “Ghost in the machine”

  1. Really nice work Don. I had a professor tell me my writing must convey the story I wanted to tell without my explaining my purpose. These photographs convey your intent without your explanation–a true success!

    • Thanks Robin. Always a challenge to know how much explanation is necessary for any set of images. I prefer none, but realize that’s not realistic.

  2. Brilliant idea, and I love the resulting photos. I think they work just the way you intended them to. Kudos!

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