Artifacts of life

Found objects with unlikely stories

Where did they come from? From which beach did we retrieve this piece of driftwood? To what animal did this bone fragment belong? What characteristic of that rock or shell compelled us to bring it home?

Artifacts collected over the years. Displayed on a shelf or left to age in the garden. In that time, did they acquire another history? An alternative story? Is there a possibility for that piece of wood or that shell to have a hidden fiction waiting to be told? That is the premise behind a series of alternate artifact histories (artifictions?) crafted by my talented sister,  writer Robin Armstrong.

Last Summer, I asked Robin if she would be interested in writing stories about some of the artifacts that I planned to photograph. She quickly agreed, producing compelling stories well before I could get to the photography. Well, I have finally caught up and together we have produced a series called ArtiFacts, an alternate history of found objects. In this series, Robin pays homage to this ever-growing collection of flotsam, imagining original and fantastic stories for otherwise ordinary objects.

You can now purchase a copy of ARTIFACTS at Blurb


You will find these unlikely stories on the following pages:
Object AC36891, 2018
Pieces of Wood, 2017
La possibile vertebra della balena che inghiotti Giona, 2007
der Sanddolar, 1900
Mandible, Phoca Vitulina, 2018


NB: Artifacts captured with the Fujifilm GFX 50S fronted with the Mamiya 645 120mm f/4 Macro lens. Many, many thanks to Robin for her wonderful writing, great ideas and endless enthusiasm. 

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  1. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to do what I love to do–write and be a part of your art!

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