Liminal space

Capturing threshold images

There you are. Waiting. Waiting for the event to begin. To cross the threshold from stasis to action. All the time, paying attention or day dreaming, until something catches your attention.

You wait for the people in front of you to move, clearing a space to make an image. Wait for the subject to emerge from behind someone else.

It seems like either you or the subject, sometimes both, are in that liminal space, where something is about to happen. Not sure that it will resolve as expected or not. Or, it could be better than expected. Work is like that.

Between work assignments, I create my own threshold images, multiple exposures of people combined with a second state, their environment. Images that mix the serendipity of shooting from the hip with slow, studied composition.

Unexpected results. Looking for the perfect transitional state. Hoping that the subject and I will resolve our movements into a worthwhile image. Crossing over that liminal space and state into something worth considering.


NB: All images captured with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with a variety of XF lenses. Work photos captured with XF40-150mm f/2.8 lens and street photos with XF35mm f/2 lens. Got to love that Acros film simulation!

One response to “Liminal space”

  1. Thanks Brenda! I love Acros. For the double exposures, I shot with Acros in camera. The process makes for a fairly low-contrast image. I increase the contrast in LR. The work photos were probably RAF files that I converted to Acros in LR. I also use it for my BW portrait work. Adjust contrast to taste…

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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